Monday, August 4, 2014

Exorcism With Chinese Tea Cup (茶杯驱邪记)

Do you believe that other than containing tea, a tea cup can also be used as an exorcism tool as well?

I was visiting Ah Kow, my gravedigger friend one afternoon. We were originally tasked by a businessman to do some modifications on his late dad’s tomb. But since it was raining pretty heavily outside, there weren’t too many things we can do but to make ourselves a pot of good tea and chatting while waiting for the rain to stop.


As we were happily talking our tops off, Ah Kow’s sister Ah Mei rushed into the living room amidst the heavy rain. Since she was soaked wet, she went straight to wash herself. I thought her face looked quite grey and pale but didn’t give it a second thought then.


Ah Mei was helping Ah Kow in dealing with customers and making appointments. At time she also helps Ah Kow to collect bones from old grave. Well, grave digging is not one man’s job. At times I am also being called to assist them on Feng Shui and spiritual issues too.


After Mei has cleaned herself, she came and joined us on the tea table. Apparently Mei has gone to the grave Kow and I were to visit. She said that since the grave was dug, she had to make sure the bones of the deceased weren’t being washed away by the rushing rainwater.


Our topic somehow switched to the bones of the deceased. According to Mei, the bones were all black! I then suggested that the tomb owner was someone practiced black magic when he was alive.


Suddenly Mei complaint of severe headache and became feverish. Kow took some paracetamol tablets for Mei but after some rest Mei’s condition didn’t improve. I told Kow something wasn’t right with Mei’s face and I asked Mei to sit on a chair facing east.


I then poured some tea in a cup and drew a ‘fu’ in the tea and then asked Mei to drink half of the tea and the rest of the tea was used to rub against her face and hair. After this is done, I hold the tea cup with my left hand with cup mouth facing Mei’s back at a distance of about 6 inches.


Slowly I felt Mei’s aura with the tea cup while reciting:


“The sun rises from the east and shines on the River Long, all the disasters and troubles are gone; with all the spooks gone with the river and her body speedily recovered…”


When my fingers felt a sense of numbness, I just scooped the air and poured it downwards onto the floor.


After 10 minutes or so, Mei started be feel herself again. Later, I gave Mei another two treatments and she recovered after that.


No one believes that I could cure possession with a porcelain tea cup! But since Mei’s case, I continue to use this ‘tea cup method’ to help many people; believe it or not?

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