Saturday, August 30, 2014

Inducing Taoist Yin Spirit (出阴神)

The Indian ‘Shadow Man’ or the Taoist’s ‘Original Soul’ may not be anyone’s cup of tea. So as an alternative, Taoist has another method to offer which is pretty similar to the former two methods.


This alternative is known as ‘Yin Spirit’; which is the opposite side of ‘Yang Spirit’. Well, honestly it is pretty difficult to accomplish the Yang Spirit too as one must have pretty solid foundation in Taoist meditation though not necessary at an advance level; at least he/she must accomplish the automatic circulation of chi minor circle and achieving the pure yang body.


Now, Taoist has a method to induce the release of our Yin Spirit by using a mirror.


First, we must find ourselves a large mirror which must be able to reflect our whole body.


When everything is ready, we should stand before the mirror and dim the light around us. After adjusting our breathing, we can now concentrate on the reflection in the mirror. When our vision is starting to blur, we shall turn our attention onto the surface of the wall in front of us. At this point, the residue impression will still linger in our sight for a few seconds or so.


With some consistent practice, we will be able to see our other selves in front of us.


The basic principle behind Taoist Yin Spirit is actually similar to the Western out of body (OOB) exercise.


The production of Yin Spirit is not encouraged in standard Taoist practice because there are many problems with this method. For example, there are just too many examples that the Yin Spirits fail to return to their own bodies. Problems will also occur when our mental states are not stable or our health conditions are not good. Having said so, reading about is still okay; whatever you do, please don’t do it alone for your own good!


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