Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Mantra For Happiness & Good Companies

We are living in troubled times with too many things to worry about:


At home, we worry if our kids are behaving themselves.

At school, we worry that we cannot obtain good marks in exams.

At work, we worry about our bosses and our work performance report.

During festivals, we worry about money and how much to pay parents and in-laws…

The lists just go on and on.


Other than to blame it to our collective bad karma, I offer you below Tibetan mantra taken from ‘Collected Works of Mipham’.


This mantra is specially meant for those people who desire happiness and a calm mind. When you feel frustrated, despair and your mind is troubled, go out to a place where you can see the sky: best if you can sit or lying on lawn, stare at the sky and then recite/sing the below mantra slowly for 7x, 21x, 108x or more:




If you recite the above mantra regularly, then you will have a calm mind and free from anxieties.


It is also said that this mantra will also bless all of your love ones and that they will not leave your side. No matter where one goes, he or she will be taken care of, and that this person will have every success in life.


Although there are many versions of this mantra, but I am confident the effects and benefits are as mentioned.


One more thing, whatever you want to do, never jump off from the window; and please also don’t get too near the window for I cannot replace your wife or husband!


May all be auspicious.

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