Sunday, January 5, 2014

Meditation Methods Of Archan Chum

Here I share below is a meditation method taught by Archan Chum and this method is very effective in achieving mental calmness quickly; practise if you will. It can be used in conjunction with the Golden Tongue method as well.


Meditation Minimum - 30 Mins


4 Groups of People in respect;


1. Elders: Sending energy of respect and intent that they have metta and karuna towards you.


2. Friends: Intent metta, love, loyalty be towards you.


3. Partner: Intent love, honesty and loyalty be towards you


4. Business: Intent mette, love, loyalty, good tiding be towards you.

Note: Above all we ourselves must be honest, true and pure in our intentions towards these 4 groups, meaning the practice of right thinking, goodwill.


Bhavana: May they receive the intention you have for them.


The Actual Method


Do Buddho Meditation: in/ Budh- out/dho


In/Budh- representing your Father

Out/Dho- representing your Mother


while recollecting all perceivable good deeds your parents had done for you and having the feeling of gratitude permeating your heart.


Do Buddho again: in/Budh- out/dho


This time thinks of the qualities and have the feelings of gratitude towards The Buddha filled your heart.


Now Bring these 3 measures of gratitude (father, mother, Buddha) and combined them into your heart. This is call Pra Maha Karuna


Remember: Always think of the Buddha, before you think of anyone else in this context.


Inhale- Budh - and think of all gratitude’s


Exhale- Dho - and send out to Mother


Inhale- Budh - and think of Father


continue with “Buddho” meditation until you achieve a state of mental calmness.




For Males (all ages)


In “Budh”


- Phor you kub look (Father Stay with me)


- Jit Phor Pan pook Muan Jit Khun Phor Gup Khon Mae (just like the bond between father and mother)



For Females (all ages)


Out “Tho”


- Khun Mae Pai Liao gup Maa har Look (mother return to me)


- Muan Jit Khun Mae Gup Khon Phor (just like the bond between Mum and Dad)


Swallow your saliva and repeat “Buddho”


Think of what it is you set your intention on achieving from this practice- love, respect, metta, attraction or help.


swallow your saliva as if you are swallowing the “intent of your desire” into you.


You can do this continuously while sitting, walking or lying down


Note: Of all this method the most important of all is to keep your intention clear on what it is that you desire to achieve with focus and pure intentions

Note: Do not simply chant “Buddho” mindlessly, do it with all your mind and your heart


Give Thanks


Ending 。。。Homage To Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha

Na Mo Ta Sa, Pa Ka Wa Toh, Are Ra Ha Toh Samma Sam Bud Tha Sa (3 Times)



  1. Fake! Just as your claims to be AC Chum Chaikiri lineage and initiated into Thai magic and so on. 2-3 years ago, you had no idea about Thai magic at all and now you suddenly claim lineage and being able to wai kru? What a joke. I know where you got your materials from. Even if you had real rituals, you could not figure them out as can be seen by the mumbo jumbo and illusions you came up with in the past.
    I really pity everyone naive enough to pay any money to you and hope the backfire for them will not be too harsh. I will advise everyone against contacting you and hope no people get scammed any further by your illusions.

  2. Just to add, ritual this, ritual that - all no use if not having ultivation. And this is more than some basic meditation lol. Most funny is having someone claiming before to be in Vajrayana and whatever, but then chasing rituals all over everywhere. No respect or no confidence in ones teachers and the arts learned? Or as I actual teachers at all? Oh well... The info about takruts taken directly from wikipedia (!) are still my fav joke on here.