Thursday, January 9, 2014

Knowing Karma: From The Perspective Of Astrology

From basic theory of karma, almost everyone knows that what we did in our previous lives affect directly or indirect the well being of our current life. While people scorned at Astrology in our modern times, nonetheless; Astrology can give us a glimpse of how our current life journey would be as affected by our previous doings. You may be surprised to the accuracy of these astrological charts as most of these predictions are quite accurate. Let us review an example:


The above is a chart belongs to a 28 years old lady.


Her basic life force reads:


This lady’s life force is weak but she is clever and likes to enjoy and socializes a lot. However she likes to find fault with her spouse and can be difficult to satisfy desires. She is also tends to seek occult help to achieve advantages.


Her 10 year life cycle reads:


She was quite pampered by her mother when she was young but she was quite a trouble maker. Now in her late 20’s, she is almost at the edge of law breaking and a trouble maker. At this period, she is probably having problems with someone gangster or the police officials. The source of her problem stems from greed and unreasonable demands to people around her. This lady will have very difficult times for the next 20 years to come.


So, according to theory of karma:


The lady hasn’t created enough good karma in her past lives to enable her to get what she desires this life time. Hence she will try any available ways to satisfy her unlimited wants and needs; this has caused her sufferings and further adding additional bad karmic energies for her life journey to come.




Since one’s life can be predicted quite accurately by Astrology, and that Astrology reading was set according to statistics and no spiritual beings involved; I would say that no one can change Karmic forces according to Astrology. The only way to change one’s life is to wait until the Karmic effects worn off while creating good karma.