Friday, January 24, 2014

Feng Shui Is A Town Planning Tool (城市規劃)

Many people talk about Feng Shui (FS) as if it is a very secretive knowledge. To me, FS is just a town planning tool. No point in talking too much for now, I have a job order to plan and build a corporate headquarter building of a group of companies in Malaysia; please hop on and see for yourself.

So, where to start?

Step 1: Macro FS (大玄空)

People will laugh at this point as it is a little absurd to use FS instead of marketing survey for location identifications. But, FS is actually a forecasting tool; it can forecast on which part of a piece of land may be prosperous in the next 10~20 years to come.  So, the difference of if we buy a piece of land now versus if we buy a piece of land 20 years later; I don’t need to tell you which land is cheaper correct? Furthermore, you may not be able to get any land when the place is fully developed.

Let say, now is the 8th period, the land with hills on its Northeastern part and sea or lake on its Southwestern part will be prime. This place is situated in Southwestern part of Johore.

Step 2: Choosing a potential landscape (形勢)

The ideal location of a building should be surrounded by higher grounds at left, right and back side with the center foundation slightly protruding. It should also oversees an empty landscape ideally.

Step 3: Dragon & flying star arrangements (飛星與排龍)

Now that we have zoomed down an area with ideal landscape, we still need to identify the best facing direction and location for our corporate headquarter.

The first consideration for a corporate headquarter would be ease of transportation: i.e. a good network of federal roads; incidentally, this would be the river mouth in ancient time.

Once an area near a crossroads is identified, we need to determine the facing of our building for a wrong facing may cause disasters. Both the flying star and dragon arrangement must agree with each other.

Now the internal layout of the building can be planned.

Step 4: Building outlook (收山出煞)

The outlook of the building affects the well beings of the people who work in it and indirectly affects the efficiency and output of the workforce, so if the front should be hidden by plants or it should be an open design will be of some importance.

Step 5: Choosing an auspicious date (擇日)

Most of the big bosses would like to choose an auspicious date for ground breaking, so we should also include that in our job scope.

Now that our job is finished, we will let the industrial engineers and the layout planners to take over the job. Once the initial planning is executed carefully, there is no need to change the layout for a long time. So, since when we see the Chinese emperors changing their Forbidden City?


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