Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Feng Shui Audit Ended With Possession

To be frank with you, I never fond of accepting visitations from fellow Feng Shui masters. To me, there is nothing to discuss about Feng Shui as Feng Shui is an art that is based on a set of formulae; nothing to discuss bout really. However, many of Feng Shui masters either just wanted to test me or they already gone into trouble and wanted help. Both cases are just a waste of time as I don’t get anything out of their visitations.


This was yet another afternoon where I was at my favorite coffee shop sipping a cup of thick black coffee. A fellow Feng Shui master known as Master Ho drove by and as soon as he parked his car, he hastily approached me and asked me if he can have a short discussion with me. So I invited him to have a seat.


As with any other Feng Shui masters, Master Ho was quite protective in asking for help: he just wanted a few ‘fu’ (Taoist talisman) to cure spirit possession. I didn’t feel at ease so I told him not to take spirit possession likely: the matter can either be light or serious. Nevertheless, Master Ho just wanted some general ones; so I asked him to follow me back to get some.


Three days later, Master Ho brought one of his disciples, Ms. Ang and Mr. Ang to my place. Ms. Ang was sobbing when they arrived at my place. As Mr. Ang was comforting his wife, Ms Ang, I pulled Master Ho aside and asked him if he has noticed that Ms Ang was weeping with a man’s voice.


Only at this point that Master Ho was about to tell me the truth. Apparently, Master Ho brought a group of his disciples to a cemetery for Feng Shui practical exercises. Nothing happened to the group except Ms Ang who complaint of headache and high fever at the cemetery. Consequently, she retired early and returned home.


Since Ms. Ang’s condition didn’t improve and she was rapidly losing consciousness, Master Ho decided to pay me a visit before Mr. Ang sending his wife to hospital. Well, it will be a very bad publicity to Master Ho if such news spread out.


After obtaining permission from Mr. Ang, I started to perform standard exorcism and cleansing rituals. Ms. Ang’s turned green and fainted as the ritual progressed and I asked Mr. Ang to let his wife rest. This is the first time I see a face turned green. I would need to perform a few rounds of cleansing rituals before I could call it a day…


And guess where has our Master Ho gone? He actually made some excuses and slip off!! I think perhaps Master Ho was the most disgusting Feng Shui master I have ever come across as he got his disciple into trouble, charged a high fee and quickly wriggle his way out of trouble!

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