Friday, January 17, 2014

My Friend, A Phony Tangki (假童乩)

First I would like to say that I am indifferent of what one does; a manager in a MNC and a spirit medium in a small temple are of no differences to me. Both of them are fighting to get as much money as possible. The only difference is that one hangs a tie/gold necklace while other a magic whip (法索) around his/her neck.


Being well verse in Chinese occult knowledge enable me to mix well amongst the mediums. I have a very close tangki friend and he confessed to me one day after came for an astrology reading. Let’s call this friend of mine Ah Beng.


Ah Beng’s reading belongs to a very special group of people that is impossible to be possessed by spirits, in technical terms we call that ‘the broken 7 stars’ (魁罡破格). So I told it straight to Ah Beng that it is impossible that he can be a tangki.


You know it is a good thing when people look at you as a ‘sifu’ as what you say seldom being confronted. This is the same case with Ah Beng; he just gave a secretive smile and told me his story:


“My friends and I were a group of youngsters whom will fall asleep on opening up a book. However, we were interested in spiritual things and we were especially fond of becoming tangkis as we saw the respect and handsome donations those follows paid to those tangki after being possessed by gods/goddesses.


One of us suggested that we became the student of an experience old tangki nearby and we all seconded the idea. We were around 12 years old then, and after consuming some ‘fu’ () and kneeling in front of a Guan Gong (關公); we were asked to chant: “Guan Gong come up…” repeatedly.


After learning for a while, I did move but I felt that all movements were done under self-consciousness, there wasn’t a Guan Gong possessed my body. I did the movements because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of my fellow members and master. I just didn’t want to be treated as unworthy of becoming a tangki.


My doubt increased until I couldn’t hold my doubt anymore. So I secretly asked my pals and to our surprised that no one felt the presence of Guan Gong! However, since I have been a tangki and only need to work a few hours a day; and added to that I am also being respected by general public, I continue pretending...”


Personally, I don’t have problems with Ah Beng keep on pretending as many people also pretends to work hard in MNC as well. Ah Beng is not a bad character as he is only earning a living. Hahaha…

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