Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Downside Of Magic: 3 Poisonous Behaviors (三毒)

Before I proceed to open up further blog materials, let’s explore the downside of magical practices so that years later no one blames me for not reminding him/her about the danger of magic and wasted his/her valuable youth that can be invested in doing more fruitful deeds.


The practice of magic falls into 3 poisonous behaviors (三毒): greed (), anger (), ignorance (). These 3 poisonous behaviors are the biggest stumbling blocks in Buddhism. Hence these behaviors will need to be purified before we even talk about spiritual attainments.


The Greed ()


Basically magic strives to change the world to suit the magician’s needs: if a lady doesn’t like a man, love magic is used to ‘change’ her preference; if one has no money, he/she asks the spirits to give boon. Wanting more than one’s fair share without due efforts are termed as ‘greed’.


The Anger ()


With greed comes ‘anger’. When one cannot get what he/she wanted, this person gets angry and do stupid things. I don’t have to show any examples as you can already find many of them in the comments. That’s the reason I don’t delete such comments now as whoever spits towards the sky, the spit falls back on his/her face.


The Ignorance ()


When there is anger, the ignorance entails. Ignorance means fail to see the truth. We often regretted our actions in a gist of fury but often too late to save the situation. Due to ignorance that we go the wrong way, wasting valuable resources such as time and money to seek what is impossible; ignoring the theory of Karma. Though many people talk of good or bad karma, karma is only their figure of speech.


The Conclusion


So, when we seek refuge to the three gems:


Namo Buddhaya

Namo Dharmaya

Namo Sanghaya


We vowed to eliminate the three poisonous behaviors. That is the precise reason that we don’t see magic being practiced in standard Mahayana or Theravada Buddhism. You are cordially advised.