Sunday, January 26, 2014

Redefining Occult Practices For Modern Times

Perhaps it is time for us to relook at those old occult technologies and give them a new breath of life. In fact, many people had expressed their doubts on the relevancy of occult practices such as: astrology, Feng Shui, palm and face reading, magic the like in our modern times.


Let’s just take the Chinese occult practices for example as I am in no position to discuss others at this point.


The Chinese culture of old is influenced by Confucianism and Taoism. Naturally the Chinese occult practices have the shadow of both believes. While Confucianism taught us to be obedient citizens; Taoism asked people to be soft and passive in our everyday lives. Both of the ideologies are protruding Ying while suppressing the Yang attitudes. However, in order for everything to thrive; we need both Ying and Yang.


The I-Ching states:




“The sky is high and mighty, while the earth is down under; hence give forth the world.”


Laozi said:




“By doing nothing we can do everything.”


By showing the above examples, it is clear that Chinese culture praises Ying while repulses Yang.


This ideology is shown in Chinese occult practices as well:


“The character of a lady should be soft, she should abide to her husband and the elders; if she excels a man; and then she is considered to be not auspicious.”


The above statements clearly cannot be accepted by our modern folks as this will be view as chauvinism. Well, that was the culture of the old.


Should we continue with those practices? Well, the answer is certainly not.


Let me show you an example:


Jane is a self made successful business woman. Her astrology reading shows that she is very creative, in fact; she is too creative that she should venture out to do her own business for her own good. This type of lady cannot work under any one and she will be suppressed by her jealous bosses. So if Jane had chosen to stay, she would be just another worker in an office block.


Most of the modern bosses like people who are obedient, following orders, do more and talk less, they hate changes and who challenges the status quo. Luckily, Jane has chosen her rightful path and the fact has proven that she is a bright shining star in fashion retail business.


The conclusion is that:


Occult practices must change to suit the changing of time or they will be discarded as irrelevance. I need not say more.



  1. Dear Sir,
    With due respect.

    That an interesting article about man vs females in the occult and cultural sense, I think all the females will up in arms in 'sisterly-gang' if they read this, and next, the unending debates..HAHAHAA.

    No , I am no expert, I read long ago somewhere, that a person destiny like a car four wheels. if all 4 wheel are perfect...then the person will rich &blissful.

    1]Feng shui. of abode and ancestor [yin]
    2]Palm lines.
    3]Birth date.
    What u think sir? [of the 4 criteria above?]

    We can change the Fengshui accordingly, but the palm lines and birthday date are something 'extraordinary' to be changed,....

    and the KARMA, is something very interesting.

    it seems that when all is lost, they need to do the 'karma' thingie...

    It seems that karma, is something u need to create and repay the debt.
    The Buddhism and some religious expounded the 'karma', where we need to do something about, to change our destiny!

    a]By reciting mantra to repaying our own debt.
    b]By reciting mantra to release the Good2 thing from suffering, thus receiving their 'support' to be rich!?
    c]By offering something to them, for gooddie in return...

    No , I am no expert, I just loyar burok about what I had read.

    May be you, sir, could enlighten us how to do something about this 'karmatic' debt, when we had wronged others in previous or present life?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hahaha... a little long winded..

      I don't call myself an expert, but let's walk through what you hv just said for fun... no serious reading intended!