Sunday, January 19, 2014

Relax, It’s Only Kids!!

This is a very special case that I was called in to investigate. The incident happened to Mr. Chong who resides in Taiping, Perak who has a bungalow beside a slope. To be frank with you, I wasn’t the first people who were called in; many more experienced folks were consulted with many ceremonies performed before but only of no avail.


Mr. Chong’s problems happened for about 2~3 times a week where he complained of small pebbles being thrown onto his roof continuously for a few minutes or so and that he was attacked by pebbles when he went out to investigate. Some of his friends attributed that the work was of supernatural doing. They said that it was perhaps the work of poltergeists. A bomoh even suggested that such was the work of a ‘penangal’; which is a flying head with internal organs attached.


Since so many rituals were performed but without success, Mr. Chong thought that was something to do with Feng Shui; so he gave me a call. I was then in Ipoh visiting my friend so I made an appointment with Mr. Chong at 7pm that night.


I arrived at Mr. Chong’s place together with my old school pal, Ali who is familiar with the housing area; my GPS wouldn’t work in this area and especially at night. And indeed, the sound of things falling onto roof happened again; they made ‘tok’ and ‘tok’ and ‘tok’… one after another. It was quite eerie at night, in a big house.


We went out with Mr. Chong but it was quite dark outside; so I told Mr. Chong that I have to come back another day as it was too dark to see anything and Mr. Chong agreed. So, we bid him farewell and drove off.


Ali is a retired ranger, he wasn’t anywhere near superstitious. He insisted to go back to his house to get some torch lights and back we went to Mr. Chong’s place. Well, back to the top of the slope behind Mr. Chong’s house.


Now that we were at the slope, we found a pile of small pebbles with some footprints. Ali gave me a smile and asked me to go back and he will call me in a week or two. So I agreed as it was quite late and I need to return to Penang.


True enough that Ali called me after one week. He said that he and his friends were hiding behind a bush for a few nights and finally caught a glimpse of few kids playing at the area. Some of the kids picked up those pebbles and threw them over the cliff! Ali gave out a loud shout and the kids dispersed.


Soon after the incident, Mr. Chong gave me a call to express his appreciation and he wanted to give me some money for my ‘hard work’. So I asked Ali to collect the money on my behalf and gave himself and friend a treat. Well, it was Ali’s hard work, not mine. Hahaha…


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