Monday, January 20, 2014

Conversation With A Hang Ghost (女縊死鬼)

Uncle Wong owns a prewar building in George Town near Komtar and he stays there alone. When I dropped by his shop; he wanted me to take a look. According to Uncle Wong, he always sleeps in his armchair under the wooden staircase. During the night, he can hear people descending and ascending the staircase but couldn’t see anyone. He could hear a lady’s sighting sound at times. Since there was a case of a lady teacher hung herself in a room upstairs, Uncle Wong suspected that it is the teacher’s sprits.


I decided to help Uncle Wong out and spend a night at his place. There are challenges in this type of investigation. Well, the simplest method is to evoke the spirit and either to chase it away or perform a spirit deliverance service. But I decided to use none of the above method. I wanted to try a method called ‘coscinomancy’ (扶乩) or more commonly known as ‘auto-writing’.


After making some preparations, I started the ritual at 12 midnight with the help of a spirit medium. I will need two persons to perform this ritual, for one will be the writer and one will be the interpreter.


Soon after I burnt some talismans and incantations, the pen started to scribble some sentences that read:


“My life was as thin as silk,

While my remainder soul flipped as if a tent under strong wind;

I am dragging a three feet white cloth on my neck,

Who am I?

I am a piece of withering red rose.


Though I had good times with my mate,

I didn’t have my way.

Now my grave is still empty or I’ll not be singing here;

I hated the person who had jilted me!”


I knew that she was a female hang ghost. So, I tried to ask her name and this was what she had to say:


“I was from Goh family once stayed in this building, I had good education but my life ended with my stupidity. Please don’t laugh at me and please don’t ask my name. If you would, please do so and pray for me!”


After I read the last sentence, I asked Uncle Wong not to panic as this spirit will not harm anyone. Perhaps I will let her hang around for some time longer to repent for what she has done. And when she is ready, I will deliver her to the pure land if she so wish desires.

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