Monday, January 13, 2014

She Put Phra Ngan Into Her Xxxxx!!

You wouldn’t believe it if I tell you what some of Sin-Ma Phra Ngan practitioners would do in order to get what they want: smear the Ngan with urine, menstruation blood, and semen and to some extreme end; plug the Ngan into a pussy!! Mind you, many of these people are from quite well to do folks. I hesitated to handle any Phra Ngan amulets not because of in fear of their powers, but more of hygiene considerations!


This is a very interesting story about a business lady with Ngan:


I received a call on one Sunday night, at about 9pm when I was about to perform my evening ritual. It was a call from Henry and he said that his boss, Sabrina has urgent matters to discuss with me. Normally I would reject the request, but under the promise of payment; I accepted.


Henry and Sabrina arrived at my place at 10:30pm, when both of them entered into my apartment; Sabrina complaint about my place was too bright and that she couldn’t open her eyes. So, I had to dim the light before they entered.


I noticed Sabrina’s face was pale with black eye sockets and dry lips; these are signs of overly active sex life. With some hints in mind, I half jokingly said to Sabrina:


“Hai yo! You are aunty already ma, must watch yourself and don’t enjoy so much …”


Sabrina gave me a queer look, turned to Henry and asked him to take a hike and to come bake half an hour later. Henry shrugged and off he went to a hawker stall downstairs.


After Henry left, Sabrina took out her Phra Ngan amulet and said, “It’s all because this… I’m 40+ now and still single. I have everything I want except a good company! Someone asked me to worship Phra Ngan with liquor and smear it with menstruation blood. And I was also told to plug the Ngan into my pussy to add power to it so that this Ngan will attract some handsome guys to me. It was so happened that some foreign engineers were staying next door, I thought it was worth a while to try …”


Sabrina paused and made me swear not to reveal this to Henry or she will strangle me and I had to comply in order to get to the bottom of her story. After some assurance, Sabrina continued:


“True enough … I was having affairs with not only one, but 10 people! I think of having sex day and night, I was having sex with spirits during the night that lasted till dawn. Now I am so tired and my body is so painful, I just wanna out!”


After listening to Sabrina’s complaints, I told Sabrina to throw the Ngan amulet into the sea and that I will visit her house to perform space cleaning, but most important of all, she must consult a nutritionist so that she will recuperate faster. I also advised Sabrina to go for a vacation just to clear away her old memories…”


As soon as Sabrina left my place with Henry, I immediately washed my hands thrice with antiseptic solutions. I am not worry of the spirits but germs!


What would you do next time, when someone handed a piece of Phra Ngan amulet to you when you’re having a hamburger? Just joking…