Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The House Of Widow (寡婦屋)

If you still remember Sabrina who visited my place to solve a problem. Now, let me tell you the sequel.


Since Sabrina complaint that she is still single, so I would also need to carry out a Feng Shui audit on her place as well; just to satisfy my curiosity mostly.


Sabrina owns a 2000 square feet high class apartment and she has stayed there for the past 6 years. So her apartment belongs to 8th period facing northeast. Since her year star belongs to 6 and the flying star 6 arrives at her door step, no wonder she couldn’t get a partner as similar element repulses each other.


But let’s not draw to the conclusion at this point as yet. Since the direction star is 8, Sabrina would have some boon but the mountain and year star belong to 2. Those who study Flying Star Feng Shui know that number 2 belongs to sickness and widow; no wonder Sabrina is sick and still single. But it is either ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’ if she had married early; her spouse will kick the bucket pretty soon… I say she is ‘lucky’ if her spouse is a millionaire… she would be ‘unlucky’ if she needs to depend on her husband. Feng Shui is such a double edge sword if you know what I mean.


My advice to Sabrina is to move out from her apartment if she wanted to find a soul mate and that her health will be affected beyond the 8th period; she will face with risks of bankruptcy. Unfortunately there is nothing that I could do as there is no way of changing the location of the main door due to straight apartment regulations. The fact is that even with the alteration of the door, the effect will not last for another 3 years as all of the apartments are having the same arrangement!


This is the precise reason why I constantly advise prospective house buyers to choose a house before buying! For Feng Shui is no magic, it seldom can turn a bad place to an auspicious ones. Having said so, I can understand the plights of folks in Penang, KL and Singapore that there is no leeway for choosing an apartment. There is nothing I can say but attribute that to individual’s ‘bad karma’. So, blame it to yourself folks!


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