Friday, January 17, 2014

See How People Die

This topic is a little serious as pleasant reading and it is not for the weak hearts. So please stay put at this point if you dislike this topic. If you are like me wanting to find out more, then proceed with caution.


My guru wanted me to follow him during his visits to the terminally ills in order to come face to face with death. Well, according to him there is no other better ways to appreciate and respect death by experiencing death itself. In his own words:


“You must see how people die, only then you will know how to die.”


To tell you the truth, I am not one of his most hardworking disciples and it is indeed a hard chore as people don’t choose the time they depart: in the morning, at night, at festivals; you just name it.


After joining my gurus for countless visits, needless to say that I have seen many types of death faces: some peaceful, some awful, some went with wide open eyes, some departed with dark blue faces. Good death are relatively rare now days, sorry to say so.


Two groups of people amongst all that gives me the most impression: VIP and magicians.


Many VIPs don’t want to die as they already have what they wanted in life: beautiful wife/wives, obedient offspring, successful career just name a few. The VIPs also have egos of their own, in life time only they can speak while others kept silence; that was when they are alive. So these VIPs will hardly heed advices from a guru during deliverances. In this case, we can only let nature take its course.


While magicians may not be creating too much karmic debts in life, their ego and their familiar spirits are two main obstacles. While the ego may block the perception of clear light, the familiar spirits will block the departure of a magician’s soul. I have seen many cases after magicians are pronounced death by a doctor, they kept on moaning for hours and in some existences the moan and groan may persist to days. Any morgue attendants can tell you their experiences.


I have personally seen a case that an arjan having difficulties in dying during his terminal stage. This old arjan panted and grasping for air while a foreign moaning sound came out from his throat; his wife said that it was the arjan’s familiar spirit. Apparently this arjan has practised a kind of invulnerability during his life. So I asked the arjan if he wanted to have a swift departure and he nodded.


After obtaining approval, I chased away his familiar spirit and setup a boundary of protection. As soon as I have done that, to my surprised; the arjan stop panting, closed his eyes and his head tilted to a side and passed away.


In a matter of fact, I have found out that ordinary people passed away more peacefully than others; perhaps they have not much things to worry about. Perhaps indeed I would need to learn more from my guru.

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