Sunday, January 12, 2014

Spirit Of Ouija, Please Let Me Go!

Simon is my pal’s eldest son he just reached 16 years old at the beginning of this month and he just returned from hospital and now recuperating at his house in Tanjung Bunga.


Below is a story told to me by Simon concerning his experience with Ouija board while I visited him after learning his story from the mouth of another friend:


“Uncle Liew, as you know that my friends and I formed an unofficial group that meet weekly during the weekends for various activities such as watching movies, fishing, hiking and at times ghost hunting.


The incident happened during last Chinese New Year when we had a small meeting as some of my distance friends came for a short visit. One of my friends who returned from UK gave me a piece of Ouija board so we started to play with it but soon got bored and stopped; nothing unusual then though. So we stored the board away and went out for a late night supper.


It was quite unfortunately that on my way back, I lost my wallet and didn’t know its whereabouts. After lodging a police report and returned home, I took out the Ouija board and play with it myself. Well, the initial intention was just to ask whereabouts of my wallet is … It’s my ID card that I was worry about.


I thought the pointer wouldn’t move as the game needs 3 players. To my surprised, it did by my finger alone! I asked it question about my missing wallet. The answer I received was that someone will call me. So, I waited and true enough, after 2 days; a cinema cleaner called me to inform me that he has found my wallet with my ID cards and phone number. It was through this number that he contacted me.


Since then, my confident with the Ouija board increased and constantly played with it and asking for various predictions; some came true while others didn’t. My pa didn’t like the Ouija board but I insisted in keeping it in my bedroom as it was my present.


A week later, a spirit spoke through the Ouija board identifying that it was a 15 year old female spirit named Mary. Mary said that she has no place to go, now that I have invited her in; she wouldn’t want to leave by any other way. After all, a human body is a very comfortable place for a spirit to stay.


I begged and begged but Mary would not leave and there was nothing I could do until my pa found that my face became pale day after day and I became not myself. My pa thought that I was sick and brought me to a physician but the condition didn’t improve; I was subsequently referred to a psychiatrist. But my condition flip-flopped and the psychiatrist only attributed it to my over vivid mind as how youths at this age are.


One night my mom was attacked by Mary and caused my mom not only to have sleepless night but she also suffered from spasm until warded in the mid of the night. I asked Mary why she did that to my mom and Mary said that she didn’t like my mom and wanted to “teach her a lesson”.


Conditions aggravated day after day until one day Mary told me that she liked me and wanted to stay with me forever. I started behaved abnormally and constantly murmuring that I was the incarnation of some gods. At times I disappeared from my house only to be found sleeping beside a rubbish dump.


That’s why I ended in hospital for about one year only discharged recently.”


Well, frankly I would like to help but since Simon is a Catholic, I advised my pal to see a father for blessing and help. As usual, I don’t want to be involved in any religious dispute unless the request for help is expressed.


What I can do is to pray that Mary would let Simon go as there is no benefit to both ends if the situation persisted. I am also like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to pray for Simon’s well being, hopefully, by everyone’s blessing Mary will go to the other side.