Saturday, January 18, 2014

He Who Worships A Cat Skull

Cats and dogs are our best friends during life time; since they are much closed to mankind, these fluffy creatures are also spiritual (靈性) beings. However, after their death, their remains should be laid to rest with due respects.


I know of a 21 years old Japanese young man who had isolated himself for 10 years. This young man’s father is an acquaintance of my distance relative who is now residing in Silibin, Ipoh. Let’s call him Mr. A for the family’s privacy. Within this time he stayed in his room alone and refused to be approached by any of his family members. It is until such a stage that Mr. A even eats and bath in the room. Since this young man is pretty aggressive and he will attack even unprovoked, his father had to open a small opening to his room door to send in the food stuffs.


His father told me that Mr. A’s odd behavior started after he brought a cat skull from outside after one evening stroll. At first everyone thought he only wanted to do research but to everyone’s horror, Mr. A worshiped the cat skull instead for some reasons only known by him. After a while, Mr. A started to murmur to himself; no one understands what he says. When the curious folks tried to peep from door seams, they found that the young man behaved as if a cat and at times; plays with his penis.


Mr. A’s father did send his son to mental asylum on and off; within the country and outside the country but of no avails. Since no one can do anything about the situation, his father can only leave him alone. The father did thought of sending his son back to Japan for treatment but when thinking of extremely high cost of treatment; he gave up and let nature take its course.


When I was enquired if I can of any help, I can only shake my head. Crazy and yet aggressive people are very unpredictable; added to that my travelling and living costs would kill me. I am no god, so I can pray to higher order for Mr. A’s recovery. It is not worth the risks: safety and monetary wise, sorry to say so.


Incidentally, I know many people have similar behavior as Mr. A; i.e. using animal skulls for magical purposes. My only advice to these folks is to stop such actions immediately for their own good.

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