Friday, January 10, 2014

Spirit Possessions In Karmic Cycles

Spirit possession may cause a person to feel lethargic, sleepy, feeling cold and shiver, fainting, loss of consciousness etc. The treatments are of course, varies amongst traditional medicine, modern medicine or the spiritual methods.


There are many reasons for spirit possessions according to theory of karma:


1.      Revenge (報仇)

a.    When a person has done injustice and wronged another person, the wronged ones may possess this person after he/she dies; depending on the degree of hatred.

2.      Repaying karmic debt (報恩)

a.     If a person felt extremely in debt to his/her benefactor in this life and no ways to payback; after this person dies, his/her spirit may attach to this benefactor by providing this benefactor with sixth sense or other abilities. For example, this spirit may help its benefactor to get boon in his business.

3.      A mixed mode of repay & redeeming karmic debts (討債還債)

a.    Spirits may possess a person just briefly to repay and redeem whatever karmic debts and leave.


It is not easy to treat spirit possessions due to karmic reasons. While the simple cases of repaying karmic debt can be dealt by religious deliverance services, food and burnt offerings; the one specifically return for revenge is the most difficult to handle.


Basically, the normal spirit medium and Taoists would hands off such cases as it is said that these vengeful spirits have obtained permissions from the Lord of Hell (領牌), so no deities can interfere.


In the perspective of Buddhism, delivering the spirit to pure land would be of the top choice as tempering with this vengeful spirit’s karma would directly pulling the master into this spirit’s karmic cycle. If this spirit denies any deliverance offerings, then any masters should hands off.


That was the case with Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism. The Tantric Buddhists have very extreme way of treating these stubborn spirits, but such method should not be used simply especially when the situation is not life threatening. Such method is known as “deliverance by killing” (殺度) available only to the Hayagriva, Vajrakilaya and Shri Heruka practitioners. This method kills the spirit and transfers its consciousness to the pure land. Needless to say that this type of deliverance cannot be accepted by general folks as there is nothing like kill to deliver. We shall look into this type of deliverance method in due time.


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