Monday, January 13, 2014

The Arts Of Soul Awakening (啟靈學)

This art of soul awakening is made popular by one of Taiwanese cult religious group in 80’s and perhaps still active today under the disguise of Tantric Buddhism. It parallels the practice of Japanese Dairindo, the Indonesian Tenaga Dalam, the Taoist auto martial arts and some of Chinese Chi Gong exercises; but with some spiritual elements introduced.


A word of caution


I won’t want to encourage practicing this exercise alone without guidance because without proper supervision, it is extremely easy to be intruded by spirits wandering about. For example, the spirit of a pig may possess the body of the person and the consequence will be pretty bad. Many people gone into troubles and hurt themselves, so be ware.


Theory of soul awakening


There are many theories concerning this art, the gist of it is that when we are alive; our soul are imprisoned within the body. Our soul could be awaken and released from our body through prayer and the help of higher spiritual forces. Otherwise, this would be quite impossible when a person is still alive.


Medias of soul awakening


Basically one’s soul can be awakened through 3 intermediaries:


·         Gods/goddesses

·         Spirits

·         Guru




·         One must be healthy.

·         One must be kind hearted.

·         One must be knowledgeable: not follow things blindly.

·         One must not be too engrossed in supernatural things.

·         One must be persistent, calm, fair and doing thing step wise.


The method


It is not difficult to practise soul awakening method; one only has to find a clean and bright place. He/She will need to sit with his/her back straight on a chair and with both hands in clasping/prayer position.


After that one only needs to pray for his/her patron gods/goddesses to help. It is also advisable to do a silent rhythm chant such as “o-mi-to-fo” etc. continuously as if in meditation for an hour or so.


Some people will feel his/her hands shaking at first and gradually dance or perform martial arts stunts. Proponents say the patron spirits are guiding the practitioners but I would not want to comment.


The description sounds easy, but the duration varies actually according to a person to another: it make take few days to six months or even longer to get some reaction.


The benefits


Benefits to awaken one’s soul:


·         A healthier body and mind

·         Obtain psychic powers

·         Foundation for other higher practices


The down side


The purpose of soul awakening exercise is to achieve self mastery on one’s soul. However, if one’s mind is not strong and other external spirits took control, then he/she may become a spirit medium instead. Once this situation happens, this person will never be able to spirits from possessing his/her body.


The conclusion


Soul awakening is not suitable for the superstitious or the weak minded. The person must be able to distinguish what is right or vice versa. Without wisdom, any simple exercises can proof dangerous to the ignorance.


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