Thursday, January 23, 2014

MagicSEA 2014 Outlook: Year Of Horse

12-year element: wood

Period: 8th


It will soon be the year of horse. So, for the first time in MagicSEA and for the fun of it, let’s have a small prediction on this coming year of horse.


Let’s take Peninsula Malaysia for example:


In Northern Peninsula, in parts such as in North Perak and Kedah, it is ruled by fire element in 2014, so things related to fire: culinary, electrical, entertainment industries will be bad in summer; and that overall result would be neutral, i.e. no gain or loss.


Penang is in the Northwestern part of Peninsula, the condition is not so nice this year.


Southwestern part of Peninsula is ruled by element water, so liquid processing industries will shine but there are conflicting elements so the condition flip-flops.


However, the Southern part of Peninsula is ruled by earth, so we continue to see building construction projects continue to take place at the beginning of the year. However, many of the property developers may lose money and condition should persist through the year. But since this is the 8th period and earth element has the strongest influence, the effect on property market should be mild.


Likewise, the Southeastern part is ruled by element wood, however not much progress is foreseen this year.


Similarly, the Eastern and Northeastern Peninsula do not see much progress either.


Whatever the situation is, just take it for fun and most importantly:


Happy Chinese New Year!!


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