Friday, January 24, 2014

House Of Widow Strikes Again! (又見寡婦樓)

It is already very close to Chinese New Year and most of my customers have knocked off their business by now. I too, will soon call it a year and travel back to my hometown for this New Year. To be frank, I never like carrying out Feng Shui audits: on one hand I hope my prediction will come true, on the other; I hope it will not. For in many cases, the consequences are pretty severe. It is not that I like to encourage superstitions.


I received a call from Mr. Choon yesterday morning and he wanted to me to go over to his sister, Ann’s place on urgent matters. Well, I have audited Ann’s place about a year ago and warned them about potential risks of staying in their old house as her house is yet another ‘house of sick widow’.


Ann’s house is facing west and built in 7th period. Its main door is located at southwest and in Feng Shui technical term, it is a ‘up the hill, down to the water’ type. This type of house is very inauspicious. Nothing will happen probably if nothing happens in the surrounding, that is to say if there is any new construction works in the vicinity; then the consequence would be pretty bad.


When I was at Ann’s place, she told me that her husband suffered from cancer at the beginning of 2013 and subsequently passed away at the end of the year. Unfortunate thing continued to happen to Ann’s son, Paul. Paul died in a car accident about a month ago so happened that Paul was also married. So, there are two widows in the house fitting the descriptions of ‘house of widow(s)’!


What happened in 2013 was that the flying star 2 dropped into southwestern corner of the house and this is where the main door is located. This has amplified the effect of the existing mountain star 2 so this coincided with the description of ‘widow’.


It was also that at the beginning of 2013, flying star 5 dropped into the bedroom where the couple is sleeping; as the flying star 5 indicates ‘poisons in the stomach’; that explained why Paul suffered from cancer too.


Now, I told Ann again to move house as there is nothing I can do. Sorry to say that there is no ‘urgency’ in getting out unless she is to marry again. However, for Ann and her toddler’s sake; it is still better to move away.


I stood in front of Ann’s house for a while pondering if I should wish her: “Happy New Year”. So I wished her “Good luck” instead. What else can I say?


  1. Dear Sir,
    With Due Respect,

    I lived in a nearly square, low cost,
    corner lot with a garden with
    the NW missing,rumah murah,
    house exactly as the widow house!!!

    1]Front door & wall facing exactly west and
    left wall window facing 0 degree north
    [I noticed,when I look at my geran tanah!]
    2]7 period as the house build more than 23years ago!
    3]Front door nearly facing T junction,
    the road lead into my left neighbor, front door.
    and left window facing another T juntion!
    4]Have no back door as I cement the door,
    as I very afraid of burglar.
    5]Front door sit at left=SW!
    6]Staircase at NW. Toilet upstair at NW too!
    7]Down stair toilet at NE.

    Nothing bad, as 7 years living in the house,
    except very difficult to make fortune....
    just comfortable income.
    And lately some health issues, as me and my wife approaching 50.

    Every year, I placed an empty metal fire extiguisher at star5,
    and red color at star2, and water in container at star7.
    Bagua and 12x6inches mirror on front door....
    and on and off offering to gxxxbxx at the junction.

    Asked a medium, he said my house feng shui, as ''no good, no bad''.

    Apart from moving out, what should I do???As I want to be rich.
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,

      NW missing means the 'father' has no power or fortune.
      The back is blocked causing the chi to be blocked with the 5 at the back. Added to that 2014, 9 is at the back, this added to the power of 5, so the health would be a problem.

      The door is okay this year, but beware of quarrel with ppl.

      You don't hv to move house as your flying star is okay, only need to open up the back door.


    2. Dear Sir,
      With due respect,
      Thanks for your reply.

      You said"NW missing means the 'father' has no power or fortune."

      Does this mean I need to redraw the garden boundary by making a 'fence' at the garden, to make the garden square again, so the NW area ''appear"?
      Then again , a toilet upstair and staircase sit on the house NW! Phew..! That's a double whammy! What should I do to the toilet and the staircase as I cant move them!

      You said,:"The back is blocked causing the chi to be blocked with the 5 at the back. Added to that 2014, 9 is at the back, this added to the power of 5, so the health would be a problem."

      Before I move in, I painted the whole house with brownish color, does this mean, the house had turn into 'period 8' house?
      If not, how could I turn the house into 'period 8'?
      I cement up the back door because there many robbery case where the robber go in through back door, so I think logicaly the back door has bad omen, but of course, in feng shui, it not good.

      How if I turn the left wall window into back door, but then the door seems inviting as people moving along the road can see clearly the door!?
      Seems that the back door is the major problem here, as my house is very small rumah murah, at 14x 20 feet! Are there any way to deal about this 'back door"?
      Thank you sir, as I know u are very busy person. I really enjoy reading your articles, as the are educative, and very funny too! May be you should become an author, or a TV documentary producer! As u see, people enjoy watching, horror stories, and u will become rich and famous too!

      Thank You.

    3. Hi, thank you for your complements.

      Don't worry about the NW corner and the toilet. That only means the money gone to your wife! Hahaha..

      Your 7th period house is good as it is: the 7 stars at the correct positions; so if the back door is opened. You will see money come in. Though not as good as the 8th period.

      Painting outside with new paint may not be able to change it to 8th period.

      If you change it to 8th period, then u'll get 5 at the door, u'll hv money too but with weaker body.

      If u cannot open the back door, then at least put a small exhaust fan to let the air out. Without the back door, it is as if a person cannot pass motion. So, all toxin accumulates in your stomach.

      Perhaps, you can get a metal gong and strike it in regular basis, it would help.

      Happy new year!

      Best wishes,