Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Thai Magic For Richness

A friend of mine sent me this simple Thai money magic. He said this ritual can make two persons rich: the Archan (magician) and the requester. I have not personally tried it as it is still hot out from the oven and I immediately post it for sharing. Hopefully someone may strike luck with this ritual and free from the curse of poverty and the torment of bosses.


1.      Go to an Archan and ask him to do this ritual.

2.      First he must prepare a new pail fill with water.

3.      Then the Archan must light a red candle and pray to Buddha and God of Fortune for 7 consecutive days.

4.      After that, you must go to 8 different banks to draw some money where the amount is decided by the Archan.

5.      At the 7th day, throw all the money in the pail and take a bath with the blessed water.

6.      The Archan will take all of the money but return $100 for you to purchase a pair of new pants, underwear or shorts. At the same time, the Archan himself must also buy the same pants, underwear or shorts as the requester. Why pants if you ask? Well, the word ‘pants’ () is said to be representing richness ().

7.      After that, just sit and wait for the richness to come J!


I know what you are thinking, whatever the outcome; the Archan already have a handful of notes in his pocket; and that you are already a few dollars poorer … But if you keep the fate, then the God of Fortune may let you have more share than the Archan. Believe it or not, the choice is yours.


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