Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fostering Thai Adult Ghosts (養大鬼)

While in Thai magical practices, many people are contented with keeping kid spirits such as a Kumantong, there are special types of people who specifically want to keep adult ghosts. These people are those mainly involve in the ‘night’ businesses. I won’t elaborate what kind of business they’re in; I think you can take an educated guess…


The advantages of keeping adult ghosts are many over the kid spirits:


·         Quick to react as in bring in business, money and other personal desires

·         No need to teach as they already have most of the skills


Having said so, there are downsides of having mature ghosts around:


·         Adult ghosts are harder to control; this is especially true for the married adults. Married ones still have some reserve sentiments towards their worldly relatives.

·         Grown ghosts are for experts only as they have sexual desires if unchecked, will assault and sleep with their owners during night.

·         Mature ghosts will cause similar mishaps to their keepers. If the spirit died in fire, then the owner is most likely to suffer from the same consequences.


The basic steps of getting an adult ghosts are not difficult:


1.      Get a small piece of human bone and prepare some food offerings. The best situation is that you have the name and bone or belongings of the person.

2.      Go to a car scrap yard, cemetery or crematorium at night after 9pm.

3.      Present the offerings on a matt and then start chanting to invite the ghosts in the vicinity to come and enjoy the offerings.

4.      Put the piece of bone on the matt as well.

5.      After 3 rounds of invitation to spirits, meditate for about 30 minutes or until you feel a presence. You can talk to it mentally and ask it if it is willing to help you and with agreed conditions.

6.      Now you must perform a deliverance prayer to release the spirit’s bond to the place before taking it away. Otherwise the spirit cannot travel out of the place where it died.

7.      Bring the piece of bone back to your altar and offer food to it twice a day. If it is a female spirit, also offer it some flowers, perfumes and makeup items.

8.      If you are diligent in your offerings, the spirit can manifest to you after 7 years. But the manifestation can only lasts for 1~2 minutes or so.


Some half-facts and half-fictions about keeping adult ghosts:


·         Putting the haunted bone between your legs during sleep to satisfy the ghost’s appetites.

·         Pay for a prostitute to sleep with the ghost.

·         Ordering an extra set of food for the ghost when you are eating out.


The success of this ritual depends on what type of ghost you can attract, the ideal ghosts would be those died young of the untimely death. The old or sick ghosts will only bring in bad luck and not useful in all circumstances.

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