Saturday, March 23, 2013

So She Wanted His Family Kaput…

I just returned from a field trip today.


This is indeed a sad family story about a woman and her in-laws:


She said his family disliked her as she cannot behave herself. So she has an affair and unfortunately her affair was found out by her brother-in-law a year or so ago when she accidently exposed her love bite mark; ironically, I am just surprised that her husband didn’t know about this.


She decided to resolve to black magic to silent her brother-in-law. The black magic worked for a while until for some reason, she quarreled with her brother-in-law and slapped the in-law on the face. I supposed this slap has exposed all her hidden secrets.


After her black magic work was surfaced, she left her husband’s house but again put another black magic spell to make the whole household sick. So I have wandered why their love affairs turned sour in less than 2 years of marriage as I was staring at the couple’s marriage photographs hanging in the living room.


Now this poor household has suffered from strange skin illness, work, family problems and bad luck. That’s when I am called to assist.


It was lucky that the black magic wasn’t too powerful, as the media of the magic was tree spirits causing skin itchiness and skin disease. My remedial actions were pretty simple:


·         Perform a flower bath with 7 types of flowers

·         Perform a coconut ritual to remove unwanted spirits

·         Return the spirits to the sender


I haven’t got a chance to hear her side of the story to be fair. Perhaps I will never know… simply put: It is their family business.

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