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About Breaking Kong Tau (泰式解降)

Kong Tau is very much feared of in SEA regions. There are many types of Kong Tau, only two types need releasing or breaking: the Love Kong and the Black Kong. Different schools use different methods, although all magical schools have various methods for breaking Kong Tau; the best way to break a Thai Kong Tau is through Thai methods. If other methods are involved, it is feared that the Kong Tau cannot be uprooted hence leaving residue Kong that will create more problems.


Amongst all of the Kong Tau, the Ghost Kong and Love Kong are the easiest to be gotten rid of. While to the other extreme, the most difficult to get rid of is the Gu () or Santau that uses physical germs or poisons.


Basically there are three ways of going about in breaking Kong Tau:


·         The mild method (文法)

o   Flower bath: 5 flowers, 7 flowers or 9 flowers

o   Water method

o   Coconut ritual

o   Chicken egg (good for Gu also)

o   Etc.


·         The forceful method (武法)

o   Prayer beads (佛珠斬降)

o   Etc.


·         The physical method (for Ghost Kong only)

o   Using Maikru or ritual staff

o   Using breadth

o   Using holy water

o   Using oil lamp

o   Using magic knife or machete



The basic procedure is general for breaking common Kong Tau, but not for the Gu () sufferers. The proper identification of what type of black magic is important as a mistake will not only harm the victim but also the master himself:


·         Perform prayer to Buddha, gods, guardian spirits and Kurba Archan.

·         Sealing Body (封身).

·         Prepare flowers: 5, 7 or 9 types depending on the severity.

·         Other materials needed: lime, white cloth, empowered candles, coconuts

·         When it is ready, the master will start chanting and splashing the holy water onto the victim.

·         If the attack persisted during the ritual, then return Kong Tao to the sender. This condition is only valid if the Kong Tao is less than 6 months. Otherwise, returning whatever doing regardless of the condition of the victim will kill the victim.

·         Sometimes after the ritual, needles and other foreign stuffs can be found on the floor but not necessary.

·         Everything will be picked up and disposed of by throwing into river or sea. Be careful not to step over any foreign objects.


When it is suspected that Gu is present, or the opponent is very persistent; than a more forceful method must be used to break up the attack and to force any foreign objects to come out from the victim’s body. One example I can think of is using blessed prayer beads and egg rituals. Basic procedure is as follows:

·         As before, prayers must be made to Buddha, gods, guardian spirits and Kurba Archan.

·         After that the victim’s body is sealed.

·         Than Yants or Thai sacred scripts are drawn on the victim’s body, especially on the back while chanting Na Mo Put Tat Yak mantras. At the end of each writings, the prayer beads are used to push from bottom up till the victim’s nape. This action is repeated several times until a reaction such as vomiting is obtained.

·         Sometimes the victim may vomit out foreign objects such as worms or insects, and the master must pick up some of these worms, chew and swallow them while chanting the mantra. This is to destroy the eggs of the worms and to prevent the Gu from returning.

·         The whole process is repeated until the Gu is cleared off from the victim’s body.

·         At the end of the ritual, the forehead of the victim is sealed with more sacred scripts and a glass of blessed water is given to the victim.

·         The following treatment will be using egg to roll over the victim’s body to remove residue Gu.

·         Depending on the severity, this process may be repeated several times.


There are certainly many other methods available out there. Due to my limited exposure, I can only discuss a limited number of common methods available out there. My purpose is to raise the awareness that care must be taken on treating Kong Tau victims. Not all Kong Tau are created equal, hence the treatments also varies.


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