Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Is It A Good Spirit, Is It Not?

Unless you are a professional, you would not be able to differentiate if it is a mental problem or a spirit possession. And within spirit possession itself, there are many types of spirits: human spirits, animal spirits, elementals or demons. Within human spirits they can be subdivided to peaceful spirits and wrathful spirits.


While good and peaceful spirits will only make people suffer from hallucination, split-personal or other seemingly abnormal behavior; the wrathful ones will cause their hosts to commit suicide or harm others in their vicinity.


Sign and symptoms of possession by good ghosts:


·         Glassy or dull eyes.

·         Feeling lethargic and loss of appetite.

·         Like to sit alone and doesn’t like to talk.

·         Oversleeping or difficult to sleep.

·         Feeling loss of purpose in life.

·         Empty talk: talk a lot of things, but senseless.


Sign and symptoms of possession by bad ghosts:


·         Frequent mood swing.

·         Like to murmur by oneself.

·         Always stare with hatred eyes.

·         Attempted to commit suicide.

·         Exhibit aggressive behaviors.

·         Tendencies to harm him/herself.


Besides that, there is another type of sex maniac ghosts who especially fond of touching their victims’ private parts until causing inflammation. If you experienced being touched by unseen forces, then you probably have made acquaintance with one of this spirit.


Based on my experiences, those ghosts of people died from untimely dead are more likely to possess human mortals:


·         Murdered victims.

·         Accident victims: Car accidents, fire accidents etc.

·         Those who still have unfinished business.

·         Single individuals without any relatives to perform deliverance service.


An exorcist must know the bottom line of the spirit he or she deals with, this is to ease the exorcism ritual and negotiation with the spirits. Just one note, many people whom I talked to has light symptoms of spirit possession… seems this is quite a common thing now-a-days.


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