Monday, March 18, 2013

The Making Of Hon Payont (Ghost Soldier)

There are many types of Hon Payont ghost soldier. Some are made from cemetery soil, some metal, wood, weed etc. The one method of making the idol I have here makes use of weeds in haunted area or a cemetery.


First one must be familiar with the ritual for inviting Ghost Kings.


This ritual is best to be done on 14th, 15th or 16th of each lunar calendar.


Prepare offerings such as 9 pieces of betel leaves, betel nuts, 7 types of flowers, food, fruits, red strings, incense and candles (black or white).


Go to the cemetery at 12 noon or 12 mid night. Plug 36 pieces of weeds on the site then use the red string to tie up the weeds forming a manikin. The 4 limbs comprise of 9 pieces of weeds each.


When the manikin is finished, start by calling to the Ghost Kings and spirits to feast on the offerings. Perform the invitation a few rounds and at the final invitation, say in your own words that you want to get a ghost soldier for whatever purpose.


Bring the manikin to your altar for further empowerment. The maintenance is simple, just one incense stick and a cup of water daily will do.


Remember, the ghost soldier is for agreed purpose only. You will need to return it to the Ghost Kings after the job is completed with the same offering.


Know the ritual but try on your risks.


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