Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Making A Ghost Really Piss

Old folks believe that it is okay not to believe or fear of ghosts; but once you have offended them, they will bug you until you kick the bucket. Young folks never believe in ghosts, so these are the groups that always have problems with spirit possessions.


There are many ways to piss off ghosts really. If you are a keen follower of some ghost hunting reality shows you will notice the below techniques:


·         Curse and yell at the empty space to provoke ghosts. This action will only provide more energy to the spirits.

·         Throw furniture around as it is said ghosts hate people rearranging their stuffs.

·         Break something such as a mirror.

·         Play Ouija board in a haunted place and overturn the board in the middle of the communication process.


But do you know that the above are just peanuts and only mild jokes to our ghostly brothers and sisters? From my experience, ghost pals really dislike the below:


·         Pissing or shit on a tomb stone, huge trees, temples etc.

·         Making love in front of tombs or temples.

·         Throwing sanitary pads around a haunted place.

·         Splashing the blood of black dog or black cat around a haunted place.


I have lost a close pal during my school days. The incident happened during one of our camping trip. My poor pal pissed into a bamboo bush and he got fever on that night alone and passed away the next morning. The doctor said he was suffering from meningitis, but old folks knew that he has broken the taboo by not asking permission before pissing to the bamboo.

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