Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Borrowing Money From Guan Yin (觀音借庫)

Borrowing money from gods and goddess is mainly Chinese belief. Specifically for the Chinese, the goddess of mercy, Guan Yin (觀音) opens her ‘store’ () on every 26th day of the first lunar month


Legend has it, once upon a time; Guan Yin meditated in her shrine and she was visited by 500 arahats in disguised as monks. Their purpose was to test the generosity of Guan Yin. So they asked Guan Yin to give them some rise as they were hungry. Guan Yin saw that the monks were asking for help, so she opens up her store and let the monks enjoy as much as they could. When the monks are full, they gave the rest of the food to other worshippers.


Since then, 25th day of the first lunar month is known as “Guan Yin opens her store” (觀音開庫). Many worshippers will flock to Guan Yin temple to ask for good fortune and borrowing money (祈福及借庫) in the hope that the luck of the entire year would be good.


Since the world economic situation hasn’t really turn for the better, and borrowing money from loan sharks is definitely a no go; who else if not the goddess of mercy, Guan Yin can be depended on… she is already well known of her compassion, trustworthiness, and helpful.


I will share the steps of borrowing from Gun Yin:


·         Consume vegetarian foods before going to Guan Yin temple.

·         Prepare required offerings mainly candles, incense,  joss papers (you can purchase those in sets from shops selling praying material), fruits and vegetarian foods.

·         Go to the temple during these times: 5am-7am, 9am-11am or 1pm-3pm.

·         First, present your offerings then burn 3 pieces of joss sticks.

·         Kneel in front of Guan Yin and express your wish, as to how much money you want to borrow etc.

·         When you have got the money, what is the method you are willing to repay Guan Yin.

·         Only after you have clearly stated your terms and conditions then you may proceed to burn joss paper offerings.

·         Just a reminder, please don’t burn all the joss paper (金銀紙) away. Keep some of the gold joss paper (大金元寶) to bring home and put onto your altar.

·         Please remember to bring the gold joss paper back to the Guan Yin temple next year to be burnt away.

·         Before you leave for home, check if the temple provides a special red packet (紅包) to be taken away.

·         Before you leave burn 81 pieces of joss stick and pray towards the South East direction.

·         If you don’t keep your promise, then this method will not work for you in the future.


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  1. And even if we do more bad borrowing than good borrowing, we would be foolish to pass up most of the financial truly good spending opportunities that are out there. We might decide to take a pass on a few marginal ones, but there is so much low-hanging fruit right now that we're nowhere near that margin.