Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ghost Hunting With A Sewing Needle

I have posted a Taoist method to detect the presence of a spirit in an area. Below is the link: 



But do you know that there is a similar method in Thai magic using a sewing needle?

In this ritual, the needle is used together with a white candle.


This is a really simple and alternative technique for those who have not developed the psychic eyes:


First, as a rule, you must get a piece of used sewing needle. I am not sure if this will work with new ones. Then get a piece of red or white string and tie in the centre of the needle.


Now, light the white candle and hold the string on one end. Let the needle float in the middle of the air. Recite a short prayer to ask for the needle to guide you to look for a spirit in the vicinity. The needle should swing by itself looking for potential target. It is said that the direction where it pointed shows the location of a spirit.


So… if the needle points to you… then congratulations! The spirit is behind you!


Don’t try this if you are alone or have a weak heart… I am not responsible if anything happens to you if you follow the method. Basically this is my personal ritual to find and catch spirits.


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