Saturday, March 23, 2013

Speak Or Forever Hold Your Silence (開喉)

Spirits who are trapped inside a human body cannot speak through their hosts’ mouth unless they are attuned to the hosts’ throats. Taoist as well as Thai systems have rituals called “throat opening” ritual to let the spirits to express their wishes or to negotiate with Taoist masters or Arjarn. This throat opening method is essentially the same as the training of spirit mediums.


The other purpose of “throat opening” ritual is to enable the spirit to consume food offerings and drinks. The mantra sounds something like the below:


“Pity you always worry about your problems, this world and the other are as if burning hell. I know your throats always longing for food and drinks, so today I offer you a drop of nectar that can transform into a soothing stream. You will surely enjoy this offering of mine.”


After that, say to the possessed in a firm voice: “I have opened your mouth with my magic power, speak now or forever hold your silence!”


At the end of the communication session, go into your protective circle then burn some joss paper to the spirits and they will leave. You can chant the below during the burning of the joss paper: “Whatever debts we may have, all turn into ashes. The joss paper opens your path to the underworld, that’s where you belong.”


You must carry whatever things you have promised to the spirits, but do not force yourself. Normally the requests are just simple offerings of foods, clothing, joss paper and drinks.

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