Sunday, March 31, 2013

Materializing Ghosts From Possession (鬼魂顯真)

An example of Taoist talisman for coaxing ghosts to materialize
A possessed person in his or her advanced stage would be very confused and not feeling him/herself. This person may not speak, shaking his/her head, crying, weeping, shivering or even exhibit violent behavior. This is the stage when the ghosts are attempting to take over their hosts, at the same time; the hosts’ souls are fighting to take control of their physical bodies. Normally the ghosts would take full possessions if no remedial actions are taken.


This in-between to be possessed state is very painful both for the human and the ghosts. So magicians from various traditions have methods to hasten the ghost possessions and let the ghosts show themselves in a controlled environment so that further action can be taken. Otherwise, no safe actions can be taken as the souls and ghosts are almost binding together.


In modern medicine, he/she would probably be given a dose of tranquilizer. But for the occult traditions, the only way is to make the ghosts show themselves and to tell their side of the stories.


Again, there are many methods according to various traditions:


·         Pressing the thumbs of the possessed with pepper seeds until the spirit speaks.

·         Recite holy book and scriptures until the spirits speak as in The Exorcist.

·         Use incantation and talismans to force the ghosts to reveal themselves.

·         Use acupuncture methods called “13 needles of ghost gates” (鬼門十三針).


In Taoist magic, many rituals can be used to coax the ghosts to reveal themselves such as by using incantation coupled with hand gestures, burning of joss papers and talismans etc.


A Taoist may recite incantation and inscribe the talisman on the surface of a bowl of water and let the possessed person drink. This will force the ghosts to show themselves, only after that another ritual to open the throats and tongues of the spirits so that they can speak and eat. Only after that these ghosts can be sent away.


The mantra sounds like the below:


“I know you are the ghosts of ghost kings who dwell in the front and back of the Yin Mountain and always gnarl and groan. Listen to my order now, I am the king who attracts and controls all ghosts. You, who eat my food, drink my wine and wear my clothing, listen to my order of ghost kings now.


I am calling the ghosts who possessed the body of so-and-so to come forth to put forward all your requests now. As my will, so mote it be!”


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