Monday, March 18, 2013

The Curse Of Coffin Nails (棺材釘)

Beware, this is yet another coffin nail curse!
I am surprised as this spell can be found in the West as well as the East. As the steps of casting this spell is almost similar, so I will just present this spell in a generic form… for sharing purposes only of course.


First, find some coffin nails in a cemetery or crematorium. We only need one piece for Thai magic, 3~9 pieces for Western magic.


Now draw a cursing Yant with the target’s name on a piece of paper. Make a manikin (two manikins if you want to curse a couple) from bee wax or the footprint soil of the person.


Return to the cemetery on full moon night; find a suitable location to bury the manikin or manikins:


·         Bury the manikin under a banana tree and the victim will be killed by Phi Phop.

·         Bury the manikin under the roots of any tree will cause the victim to be waste away slowly.

·         Bury the manikin beside a crossroad and the victim will meet with car accident.

·         Bury the manikin in the tomb of a murdered victim; then the person will face with untimely dead.


When the location is determined, dig a hole and put the manikin into the hole. Now press the coffin nail into the back of the manikin then bury the manikin. If you desire the person to suffer slowly, then let the manikin hug the coffin nail instead of piercing it.


Remember the location where you bury the manikin as you will be the only person who can save the victim. The spell should take effect by the next full moon. The victim will first felt lethargic as if his/her energy is drained away as the moon is waning, then mishaps follow on the waxing of the moon.


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