Sunday, March 3, 2013

How Do Spirits Enter Our Body?

Spirit possession is indeed a very interesting topic to talk about. There are no less a material about spirit possession on the web but not many people talk about how does a spirit enter into a physical body. Let’s set aside the believer and skeptical views and talk in the perspective of SEA magic systems.


Taoist Magic


According to Taoist theory, spirit enters into our body throw a few openings:


·         Eyes

·         Nose

·         Ears

·         Mouth

·         Arm pits

·         Area between shoulder blades

·         Nape

·         Soles

·         Sexual organs


When a person is possessed, the spirit will lift up the person’s soles hence this individual will feel light footed at the initial stage. Gradually the spirit will reside in one of the internal organs of its host, normally the kidney as this is the place with ample supply of energy.


Thai Magic


The Thai magic theory believes spirits enter into our body through 9 openings:


·         The crown

·         Eyes

·         Nose

·         Mouth

·         Ears

·         The Anus

·         The sexual organs

·         The angle between the thumb and the index fingers

·         The angle between the feet


Although a spirit may enter in any one of the openings, the most likely entrance would be through the feet. This belief is in line with the Taoist’s belief.


Malay Magic


The Malay believes a spirit may enter into our body mainly through:


·         Thumbs

·         Toes

·         Mouth


Hence most of the exorcism would begin by pressing the victim’s thumbs or toes. And the old folks always advise the young ones not to open their mouth too widely during strong wind or the spirits may enter through their mouths.

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