Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kumantong … Just A Casual Talk

As I am training 3 new kid spirits, perhaps this is an interesting topic to talk about Kumantong.  Of course, that is based on my personal experience in commenting.


Many people spent great deals of money to purchase Kuamntong statues. But the most effective Kumantong is the one empowered by monks or gurus specifically for the requestor. All other purchases are deemed invalid if the name of the person is not chanted into the statues. If your pal gives you a Kumantong, it is not valid as the original spirit still stays with your pal unless proper ritual is performed to release this spirit to a new owner. Provided of course, the spirit agrees with new terms.


I have seen many friends keeping dozens of Kumantong statues.


So how many is enough really?


I think one good one is really enough unless the intention is for investment purposes. Keeping too many graveyard soil statues in our house won’t attract any positive energy into our living room for sure. If a Kumantong statue is properly worshipped, then it can attract many other kid spirits to this statue. If you want a fast result, then bring the Kumantong and pay the Department of gynecology a visit, then for sure you will have many followers back.


How long can we know if our Kumantong spirits really exist?


The fact is that, it really won’t take long to detect the presence of the Kumantong. Normally one can dream of kids even in the initial stage. Later we will notice things such as toys or chair moving by themselves. I have personally seen a stool rocking back and forth in front of me.


Later, the Kumantong can be asked to swing a pendulum. At this stage, then the Kumantong can be deployed to work.


How to increase the power of our Kumantong?


The simplest way is to feed them regularly with candles, incense and food stuffs. On darker end, some people would tempt to feed them with black candles, raw meat, intestines and blood. The rule is, once the spirits have tasted blood, then they won’t want anything else. So, beware.


Can Kumantong spirits grow?


If the Kumantong spirit is a real kid spirit then it will grow accordingly. In this case, as a norm the spirit should be released when it is around 18 years old. The reason is that adult spirits will be temperamental and hard to control.


In whatever case, kid spirits are temperamental. Unless one is a real hardcore, I would not encourage on tempering with real human spirit. A kid may not create too many issues, but a bunch of kids can make a person’s life upside down. Any parents will tell you this fact.


  1. basically , kuman thong got 2 type ,kuman thep and kuman prai

    1. Yup. My pal advised me to get a Kumari to make d KMTs more obedient.. What say u?

  2. I just bought a KMT from a seller in Thailand. He posted it on ebay, and said the KMT is a good spirit with a name. I have yet to perform any ritual or katha since I have not received it yet. I want to know whether it is possible to get rid off the KMT if the spirit is hard to control? Should I just throw it away or send it back to the seller? Please advise. Please email me at
    Thanks for your help and response.

    1. It is not difficult to control KMT or get rid of KMT... If u want to get rid of KMT, then send it to me.. Hahaha :D

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  7. Just bought a twin male kumantong amulate from a buddhist temple how to test my kumantong power