Saturday, March 16, 2013

Invulnerability Of Archan Chum

As with Tenaga Dalam, Javanese, Malay or Taoist magic, the Thai magical world also have their fair share of protective magic rituals. There are basically two major methods to achieve invulnerability in Thai Magic:


·         Feng Sheng (Body sealing)

·         Talismans:

o   Takrut (Talisman)

o   Sakyant (Tattoo)

o   Leklai (iron ore)


Invulnerability Feng Sheng (封身)


There are two types of Feng Sheng:


·         Protection against black magic

·         Protection against physical harm

o   Active: attacker can be stopped at a distance

o   Passive: invulnerable to sharp objects


Invulnerability Talismans


Story was told that Archan Chum learnt the knowledge of takrut making from 5 great masters from Wat Khao Orr. It was said that takrut were made for soldiers during the Indochinese war with the French and the takrut was accredited with the safety of an entire company. Legend has it that the guns failed to fire.


Wat Khao Orr existed from the period of Sivichai an old Southern kingdom comprising of 3 states, namely Nakorn Si Thammarat, Pattalung, Chaiya before joining with Sukhothai to fight off Burma.


An invulnerable takrut must be put on properly:


First chant: Namo Buddha Yak (3x) then put on the takrut with eyes closed and holding breadth.


Takrut must be removed when you want to go to bed, or when you want to have intimacy with your spouse.


Although the invulnerability takrut and feng sheng methods can be tested, masters always advise people not to test their invulnerabilities to avoid accidents.

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  1. does this apply to all the maha ud, konggrapan tarkrut ? and the khata Namo Buddha Yak too?