Monday, March 4, 2013

Magic Uses Of A Monkey

Prevent Theft

Spread the furs of a monkey around your dwelling place. Thieves who enter into your house will not be able to see your house again and will be trapped inside.


Invulnerability to sharp objects

Crush the brain of a monkey and add to it coconut oil then apply all over your body. It is said that by doing so you will be invulnerable to the attack of sharp weapons.


Invulnerability to fire

Rub your body with belly and bones of a monkey evenly especially your hands as they are often used to hold hot items.


Subjugate wild animal

Crash the meat of a monkey then mixed with heron (a type of bird) oil. Apply the mixture onto your body when you want to enter a jungle or hunt for wild animals.


Avoiding lightning strike

Use the tongue and mouth of a monkey as talismans. Wrap them with a piece of black cloth. Hold them in your hands during thunder storms.


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