Sunday, March 31, 2013

Face To Face With Opponents

You will never believe that I actually come face to face with opponent arjarns in two very interesting dreams…


Dream 1:


I felt asleep while I was performing a ritual for a customer one night.


In the dream, I went to a deserted cemetery and saw an old arjarn was performing a ritual in front of a grave. Out of curiosity, I just stood behind the old arjarn and observe what he was doing.


It was perhaps after 10 minutes or so, suddenly the old arjarn turned his head and looked into my face while exclaiming: “Why are you here!?”


After that, the old arjarn hurriedly went into a hut; somehow I just followed closely in his back. There was another person in the hut, he just smiled and looked at me. Without acknowledging the second person, I began to ransack the hut until I pulled out a wooden box. There were many things in the box: small stones, figurines, nails etc. Without hestitation, I just grabbed a figurine and woke up to find that I had felt asleep for over an hour in my altar.


Dream 2:


I felt asleep again during another ritual…


Suddenly I was walking in a narrow allay until I came in front of a house. Without hesitation, I pushed myself in. Then I saw a middle aged man was sitting in a corner facing me. On approaching him, I greeted to him and say: “Hi! I am Arjarn Liew from Penang.”


He looked at me with a little astonishment but managed to squeeze out somehow awful smile to me and said: “I don’t want to do this anymore, let’s drop it.” At the same time, I heard a voice whisper at my ear: “He’s got a Phi Phop Yant with him… “


So I followed the voice and enquire about Phi Phop Yant from the man. After that, the man gave me a bunch of bananas.


Again, I found myself lying flat in my altar and it was 2 am.


Interestingly, a few days later I suffered from a bad cough. Instinct told me to eat some bananas. A day after consuming bananas and paying my toilet some visits, I recovered from the cough.


I wasn’t very good in dream interpretations so I just treat them as interesting dreams. I want to post the stories here for sharing and hopefully if you can shed the hidden message to me if any.


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