Friday, March 22, 2013

Physical Illness Vs Spirit Possession

The Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners (TCM) believe the well being of our internal organs can be reflected on our faces and bodies:


·         Kidney – Ear, energy; corresponds to water element.

·         Heart – Tongue, mouth; fire element.

·         Lungs – Nose; metal element.

·         Lever – Eyes, skin, bone, soul; wood element.

·         Spleen – Limbs, earth element.


For example if a person has high blood or he/she is angry, the face will turn red. Likewise if the person’s lever is weak, his/her hair and skin would be dry and coarse; the eyes will look dull also.


In order to maintain and rejuvenate these 5 major organs, the Taoist has developed meditation techniques to “look inside” our body in the hope to preserve our life forces.


On the other hand, Taoist practitioners have extended these theories to include the symptoms of spirit possessions:


·         Black, green or red vine patterns on eye white indicate spirit intrusions.

·         Green or red vine patterns on outer ears.

·         Thick green vines on the chest and elbow pits.

·         Black aura on temple, cheeks, eye sockets or between eye brows.

·         Lethargic look.

·         Etc.


Hence, equipped with the above theories, we will roughly know if the person is indeed suffered from real physical illness or it may be a case of spirit intrusion. As to which comes before which, then we will need to research more into TCM as well as obtaining clinical experiences.

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