Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ghosts Like To Bully The Poor

It comes to my surprise when I looked into my service records that majority of persons having problems with ghosts are from the lesser well to do groups. Well, the rich certainly haunted by another set of problems… high blood, heart issues, marriage issues, bankruptcy etc. The fact is many people only realized their problems when it is already too late. This is especially true for the so called new professionals.


My personal hypothesis on the differences of poor versus rich on spirit possession problems lies on:


·         The differences in living quality:

o   The poor has lesser to eat with long working hours, hence a weaker health.

o   The rich has plenty to eat with short working hours or no need to work. So their health should be better.

·         The differences in education level:

o   Normally the lesser educated ones are more prone to supernatural belief.

o   It is quite unlikely for a rich and famous to think of supernatural beings.

·         The availability of modern health services:

o   The lesser well to do will at times seek alternative ways such as herbal medicine, astrology, mediums etc.

o   The only thing a rich can think of on the first instance would be to call an ambulance.


Other things to compare would be the ethnic origins, concentration and economic activities of a geographic area. It would certainly be an interesting topic to dig into for further research.



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