Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chanting Is Powerless Against Ghosts

I went to visit my friend Paul and only to learn that his son was harassed by a lady ghost.


Being a faithful Buddhist, Paul said he has chanted Pali prayers for two years, generated countless metta and dedicated all merits to his son’s ghostly partner in the hope that the accumulated merit will make the ghost to leave his son. He immediately went into his prayer room and pulled out a stack of books and showed them to me just to prove that he meant business.


I was a little agitated by Paul’s seemingly ignorant and yet indiscriminate behavior about the criticality of his son’s situation.


Below are our conversations roughly:


“Paul, how long has your son been in such situation?”


“Hmm… about two years.”


“Mr. Paul, since you have been chanting, generating metta and dedicated merit for two years, have you really seen any improvements?”


“On and off… perhaps… very little that I have noticed… I don’t know. “


“What you have done were as if singing and telling stories to the lady ghost. If you continue to behave as such, then get ready to take the lady ghost as your daughter-in-law. Chanting can only calm a confused mind; but such act is quite powerless against spirits. From what I can see, you have two options: see a psychologist, or find an exorcist.”


I decided to leave and let Paul think about what is the best option for his son. It’s none of my business; otherwise people will say I just advertised my service.


  1. In Paul's case, what about using Chundi mantra?

    1. Yes. Chundi mantra helps but we must still ask the ghost to go.