Saturday, March 30, 2013

Offspring Voodoo (求子巫術)

The Chinese has many spells to obtain kids as it is a Chinese custom saying:



(There are three types of unfilial, no offspring is the major.)


Hence, there are many methods to make a barren couple obtain kids. Below is just one of the rituals once popular amongst villages in mainland China:


First the ingredients:


·         Prepare about 3 ounces of realgar (雄黄)

·         5 pieces of cock feathers

·         3 pieces of date fruits

·         1 empty chicken egg shell

·         An axe (without handle)

·         1 piece of yellow paper with the writing “送子娘娘送子到” meaning “the goddess of children brings forth children”.


The method:

·         This ritual should be done by a third person, i.e. without the knowledge of the couple.

·         Put the dates into the empty chicken egg shell.

·         Put the egg shell and the axe with chopping edge facing the bed.

·         Put the 4 pieces of cock feathers with some realgar under the four corners of the bed mattress.

·         Put 1 piece of cock feather, realgar and the piece of yellow paper under the center of the mattress.


It is very important that the setup is not tempered until the lady is pregnant.


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