Saturday, March 30, 2013

Among Kalachakra, Astrology & Feng Shui

It was said that on the 12th month after the Buddha has achieved enlightenment, the Buddha taught the first Kalachakra root tantra in a stupa at Dhanyakataka (near present day Amaravati), a small town in Andhra Pradesh in southeastern India, supposedly appearing in two places at once as he was also delivering the Prajñāpāramitā sutras at Vulture Peak Mountain in Bihar.


Legend has it that there were two mandalas in the stupa: above was the mandala of constellation, below was the mandala of Dharmadhatu Vagishvara. The Buddha transformed himself into Kalachakra in a deep Samadi state on a vajra throne supported by lions in the centre of the mandalas. The above was the description of the origin of Kalachakra Tantra.


Someone threw me this question:


“Amongst Kalachakra Tantra, Astrology and Feng Shui; which is the most important of all?”


My response was quite simple:


“All are equally important.


Let me elaborate:


While astrology can pinpoint a person’s life events fairly accurately, it lacks proper solutions or counter-measures. Feng Shui has a set of solutions that can solve many of our worldly issues. Hence I usually use astrology as a diagnostic tool and Feng Shui for our worldly remedial actions.


Tantra practices such as Kalachakra on the other hand, place much emphasize in astrological calculations, medicine, wind, nadis, chakras and energy drops. The first part of Kalachakra deals with calendar calculations mainly to find out timing of eclipses. As we all know, eclipses are good time to achieve tantric siddhi. So it is important to the Tantric practitioners to predict the exact timing for eclipses.


The study of medicine is meant to treat illness so that our body is fit and able to practice tantra. While the practice of wind yoga in the completion state transform our body into illusion body and empty body (for Kalachakra). By knowing the operations of our chakras and nadis in relation to the movements of sun and moon; one can predict his or her lifespan and able to prevent for untimely death. If possible, make use of rituals and breathing techniques to escape death.


If we take a macro view, astrology predicts major life events, Feng Shui provide solutions, medicine heals our body, knowing proper timing enable us to use astronomical timing to our advantage and finally all the above lead us to our safe passage to practice tantra. The practice of Kalachakra generating and completion stage both enable one to transform our ordinary death into Kalachakra and hence free us from rebirth.  


So, the astrology, Feng Shui and tantra; especially Kalachakra are all essential elements.”

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