Monday, March 18, 2013

Pranayama In Thai Magic

Yoga of breath or Pranayama techniques is also widely employed in Thai magic by the arjarn or lersi. Pranayama is normally used in conjunction with Vipassana and Ruesi Dutton (Thai Yoga). Although mastering breathing techniques are important, it is generally ignored by general folks who are more attracted to Kumantong or Nam Man Prai Oil.


My guru once told me air is the prime mover of heart. If a person can control breathing, then he can control the body movement. He, who controls the breath, controls the heart. Hence he also controls his mind and subsequently refrains from creating karma and void of being rebirth.


If a person’s body is adjusted to its optimum condition using yogic postures, then all of the 72,000 body Nadis can also be controlled. When the Nadis are put under controlled, and then the movement of air can also be controlled. Once the air and breathing can be controlled, then there is no need to seek Samadhi further.


Apparently breathing is also of much importance in Thai magical practices. It is said that if a person performs a continuous 72,000 breathings during meditation, then all his past karmic energy can be released and this body will be free from any past and present karmic bondage.


Breathing technique can also be used to improve relationships between friends, parents and spouse. One has only to imagine the blessing of the Buddha entering one’s nose trails when inhaling, then during exhaling; only to imagine the golden light of the Buddha encircling the target. It is believed in doing so; the target will change his or her attitude towards this person. The same technique can be used to defeat enemy or conjure spirits: first imagine inhaling the golden energy of the Buddha then releasing the energy to the target upon exhaling.


The above breathing techniques are very useful when a hermit or lersi performs meditation in a forest alone because of its simplicity and also no need to memorize lengthy mantras or the need to carry any amulets.

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