Monday, September 1, 2014

The Original States Of Spirits (原形与原神)

By understanding the original states of spirits we are dealing, we will go a long way in our spiritual practices!
People think that spirits such as ghosts, gods, goddesses, Taoist immortals, Buddha and the like have individual forms. That of course can only be found in movies and stories unfortunately. Actually none of the spirits possess fix forms as they are just congregation of gases or energy. Having said so, they do have a common body; that is what the Buddhist scholars call it as consciousnesses. And that their original forms can only be described with geometry shapes.


Now let us do a comparison for clarity:



The human has two components: the consciousness and physical body. Since the body is of solid matters, it cannot change its shapes.



Ghost only possess consciousness, hence it can congregate enough energy or chi to change its appearance.



They have the same component as the ghosts only that it is stronger.


Taoist Immortals & Buddha:

They have bodies that are even stronger than the gods and goddesses. Other than the consciousnesses, they also have original state and luminous bodies.


The Golden Immortals:

These Immortals take the shape of equal lateral triangles. These triangular consciousness bodies continue to rotate freely and slowly until some of them bind with each other to form a magical net of spectacular golden nets that forms the golden immortal heaven. This is almost similar with the ‘Magical Net’ (Mayajala) in Ningmapa Lineage.


The Unsurpassed Golden Immortals:

These golden immortals are formed by three equal lateral triangles. These triangles form three sides of a prism. Hence, this is the true Taoist Immortal in 3D! On the other hand, the golden immortal is only in 2D.


Only we understand the various original states of spirits, we can then start to engage in spiritual practices or perform exorcism. Otherwise, we will be bewildered by the ever changing shapes of these spirits.


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