Monday, September 22, 2014

Soul Calling With Life Fish

When I was young, I was staying in Kangsar and there was a small lake near the place where I stayed where fishes were in abundance. Hence, the lake had attracted many kits went there to fish. Naturally, where there are kids and water spell problems. It was said that there were a few kids drowned in that lake. Gradually, rumors about the lake being haunted spread like wild fires.


I had a school playmate once, who was drowned in that lake. According to his companions that they were playing at the lake side when suddenly one of them yelled out as he saw a colourful small fish swimming in the lake. No one dares to go into the water as none of them knew how to swim, except Ah Qiang.


Well, it was said that Ah Qiang immediately took off his cloth and jumped into the lake to chase for the fish. Everyone saw Ah Qiang waved his hand in the water and soon they lost sight of him. No one pays any attention as they thought Qiang was just fooling about. Stagnant lake water under tropic sun is full of algae and the predominant colour would be green. Losing sight of someone in the water is pretty normal in this situation.


However, after one hour or so, Qiang still not in sight and nowhere to be found. His companions started to panic. So, someone ran to a primary school nearby to seek help. Eventually a police report was lodged and shortly, a troop of search and rescue personnel were at the site. Story has it that, even though it was a pretty small lake, it took the rescuer almost half a day to find the body. It was later rumoured that it was the help from a Maoshan sorcerer who has casted a spell that enabled the water spirits to ‘release’ Qiang’s body.


Again it is still based on rumours that the body was found soon after the sorcerer casted the spell. After autopsy, the coroner found that Qiang’s lungs were dry and the cause of death was strangulation. As to how Qiang was strangled to death, no one ventured to probe further and the case was soon forgotten.


Many years later, I unexpectedly met the sorcerer in Kangsar wet market and remembered about his soul calling ritual; so I half enticed and half dragged him to a coffee shop nearby in the hope to understand his soul calling ritual.


Apparently the ritual he used is called ‘soul calling with life fish’. This method is mainly used to summon those drowned. The ritual is roughly as described below:


First, one must find two live fish of any sort and bring the fish to lake or river bank. Put the fish in a water bucket. Light some incense and burn some joss paper and while doing so recite:


“Oh you spirit of live fish, you the spirit of life fish, now I release you to see the dragon king; ask whatever you want but bring the soul of so-and-so to me! As my will, so mote it be!”


After a few rounds of mantra recitation, release the fish into the water. It is said that by hook or by crook, the body or soul will return.


Of course, where there are many water ghosts congregated, one should also prepare a 6 feet green bamboo and 100 pieces of joss paper to prevent the person who is doing the ritual being pulled into the water.


I dare to ask, do you afraid of summoning water ghosts?


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