Friday, September 19, 2014

Concerning Chinese-English Mahapritaka Translation Issues

The Chinese Mahapritaka (大藏经) contains many rituals belong to Kriya Yoga (事瑜伽) from Chinese Mantrayana Tradition. The best part is of course these rituals are free-of-charge provided that you can surf the Net and understand quite a bit about Chinese. In that case you should be able to search for various rituals which such convenience was quite impossible a few years back.


It is also conversely true that not all free stuffs are good, there are down falls as well. Provided that you aware of them. The major problem with Chinese Mahapritaka is the localization of Sanskrit terms. It was translated in such a way that not only the Chinese do not quite understand what a term means; left alone the non-Chinese!


For example:


怛儞也(二合) = TADYATHA=Speaking


According to phonetic: Dá nǐ yě tā


Now it is obvious the difference is quite obvious doesn’t it?


Let me take another example


阿失缚噜麽 = ASHVARUMA=Horse hairs


What is thatā shī fù lū mó


Actually the‘阿失缚’ is supposed to meanASHVA' and‘噜麽’ in Sanskrit meansRUMA' or ‘hairs’


Such variations in localized Chinese mantra funny and yet pathetic as it sounds; no wonder the Chinese Mantrayana already going downhill now days.


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