Saturday, September 6, 2014

About Taiwanese Talisman Kids (符仔仙)

Many Taiwanese will keep a distance with these talisman kids. It is the fear of offending these types of problematic folks or one may not see the next living daylight. It is more so that no one knows who is good or who is bad as there is no indicator printed on the face of everyone.


My grave digger friend told me, when he found someone’s bones are black in colour; and that it is not due to the dampness of the soil; then the deceased is believed to be an evil talisman kid.


Taiwan has her fair share of black magic. Amongst of all, the infamous ‘Five Ghost Armies’ (五鬼阴兵) is used to deploy dead souls to seek revenge, to kill or even for debt collection.  Well, it is safer to use ghosts to influence the defaulters than the debt collection gangsters. One may end up in jail if dealing with gangsters; well no one can bring ghosts to the court of law!


Another horrible black magic is known as the ‘Midnight Soul Catcher’ (子午追魂法). In order to cast this spell, one must first get hold of the person’s particular and this information must be written on a piece of talisman. When this is done, the paper is inserted inside a grass manikin.


Upon midnight, this grass manikin is brought to an open place such as a cemetery. Further mantra recitations are performed under the dark sky and then the manikin is buried as if burying a dead body.


It is said that, starting from that night onwards, this person’s soul will travel out of his/her body and wandering aimlessly. If this wandering soul is not called back; this person will become crazy and die in long run.


Besides that, these talisman kids’ love magic rituals are not of lesser power than the Thai magic counterpart. I laughed on those ignorant folks that only know that the grass on the other side of the bank is greener, but unaware that the local love magic such as the ‘Old Male Boar’ (猪哥爱情符) or the ‘Enchantment Of Fox Spirits’ (狐狸精迷魂) are more effective comparatively! Well, in olden days, folks would use any methods to get their hands on their love ones…


Person who is under this love spell would feel not himself/herself; he/she would not be able to be in control of his/her wills. Both of his/her eyes and cheeks would show pink reddish colour and would go easy with sex. Having said so… As far as I know, an aphrodisiac or ecstasy pills work better now days! Hahaha!


But, no worries folks; black magic seldom works these days!


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