Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Kalachakra View Of Emptiness & Practices

Now days we like to talk about emptiness theoretically, but in Kalachakra; the theory of emptiness is put into action and proven through the practices of yoga techniques.


So, you can forget about hours of sadhana practices if you cannot detect the essence of the meaning of Kalachakra Tantra. For any further investment of your time into mantra recitations will not yield further benefits.


Let me elaborate:


In Kalachakra sadhana, there are 3 important items:


·         Kalacharka as individual mind

·         Vishumata as the sun hence light

·         Shadow as the darkness


Now, the light and darkness is only the manifestation of our mind.


Our mind is as if a moon. When sunlight shines onto it we see one side of the moon, while the other side remains pitch black. We like to think that light being enlightenment and that the darkness being ignorance; but both of the enlightenment and ignorant are not the essence of the moon!


Naturally, the moon is only made of soils, minerals and rocks; it has no characteristics.


What made the differences between enlightenment and ignorance, happy and sad? It is precisely our mind. Since our mind changes according to situations, we say that our mind has no characteristic and hence it is ‘empty’.


In Kalachakra, the story doesn’t just end there. We have to ‘proof’ our claims. And this is through the practice of white yoga, black yoga and the empty yoga.


The first practice will be the black yoga; which is similar to the practice of shadowman. First a practitioner stares at the shadow until it comes alive and this will be his/her representation of ‘dark side’.


The second practice is the white yoga; this is to stare at the sky near location of the sun. If one is diligent, soon one will perceive the ‘color of emptiness’ which is the energy movement in the air; this is similar with the ‘Torga’ practice of great perfection. This shall be the practitioner’s ‘bright side’.


Now that we have two extremes, which is neither ‘middle way’ nor emptiness; hence for the third practice; we will need to practise the ‘empty yoga’ which is the famous ‘six-limb yoga’ of Kalachakra tradition.


In this six-limb yoga, the ‘color of emptiness’ is directed onto the shadow. Once the shadow is filled with ‘color of emptiness’ then whatever product that forms, shall again be directed to the tummo at the navel chakra and consequently the practitioner’s body will be filled by color of emptiness. Only when this stage is accomplished, the person is on the route to proof that the theory of emptiness is correct in practice, not merely tongue in cheek.


Or else, studying theory of emptiness or performing lengthy sadhana practices will not yield any results. I pity those folks who have spent years and still not yet find their ways in tantric practices. I really do.


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