Friday, September 19, 2014

A Lucky Mantra For Ladies

A friend asked me, is there a mantra that can bestow luck and happiness to ladies in this hostile society?


Sadhu, sadhu.


I think there indeed is one amongst the many Vedic mantras that is suitable to be recited by all ladies. According to record, this mantra can make a lady lucky and happy for her whole life. This mantra is:


Om Om Hreem Om Krinm Hreem Om Swaha


It is said that any ladies who is consistent in reciting this mantra according to her abilities, then all types of family problems and other obstacles shall be removed and resolved. The soul of this person shall be empowered with strength and this energy will be stored inside her body. During emergency, this energy will be released automatically.


Another poser of this mantra is the protection from evil spirits and black magic. The person who recites this mantra with consistency shall be protected.


It is my hope that in this chaotic world, anyone who recites this mantra shall be in peace, happy and lucky.

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